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Top 5 SEO Myths You Should Stop Believing in 2019

Top 5 SEO Myths

‘Search engine optimization’ is a common catchphrase these days. Businesses who have a presence in the digital terrain know its importance. With increasing recognition, the myths surrounding the techniques that boost search engine rankings have also witnessed a significant rise.

Here are some of the myths that you should stop believing –

Myth 1: HTTPS Doesn’t Affect Ranking

In September 2016, Google reported that a site without SSL would be deemed risky in the Google Chrome browser. It was very evident that having a non-HTTPS adaptation can genuinely hurt your web crawler positioning. This would mean that a good section of the visitors would hit the ‘back button’ if they feel that the website they are surfing is not safe and doesn’t ensure the confidentiality of their data. Not only this, it meant that having SSL over your site would be an extra edge over your rivals.

Myth 2: Optimizing Exact Keywords is Irrelevant After Google’s Hummingbird Update

With search engines getting smarter each day, using the exact keywords is not what you should aim for. It doesn’t undermine the importance of using keywords altogether but context is supreme. Search engines make the decision of showing your content based on whether it matches the intent of the search query.

Myth 3: Guest Posts are No More Important

This is one of the biggest myths that you should stop believing right now! In fact, guest posting is a great way to create valuable backlinks on high authority websites and help you to reach out to your target audience effectively. You can hire a few writers who are already contributors to some renowned websites or train your existing team to do so. It is a time consuming but a rewarding venture.

Myth 4: The More Pages You Have the Better You will Rank

Having a good number of pages is undoubtedly helpful as it creates more avenues to reach out to your target audience. However, this doesn’t mean that you will leave everything aside and start creating pages without any reason. Remember that quality matters. If these pages do not offer the required information, they are as good as their non-existence.

Myth 5: Duplicated Content Can’t Penalize Your Website

You put your best foot forward to create backlinks on websites and create a robust digital footprint. 4 months later you find out that your website’s ranking has gone down significantly. Yes, you are right. It is because of the ‘valuable time’ you saved in creating original content. The consequences are hard-hitting, and the penalties may affect your website’s ranking for a long time.

Focus on content and providing actual answers or information that users are looking for. Devote some time in creating valuable content, and nobody can stop you!

Falling prey to all these myths can be quite easy. Leave it to the experts to ensure that your website doesn’t become a victim of any of the half-baked information readily available in the public domain. Drop us a mail at to get a free SEO analysis for your website.

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