power tenergy redesigning case study

business brief

Tenergy is a pioneer power solution brand established in California’s Silicon Valley in 2004. The company deals in a wide variety of innovative products for industrial, storage, consumer, transportation and diverse needs of several other industries. It aims at providing cost-effective and efficient products to meet the growing power needs of its customers.


  • Strategy
  • UI / UX
  • Development & Implementation
  • eCommerce Integration
  • SEO

Migration – Building New Design and Moving 10k Products Manually

When we first heard from Vez from Tenergy, they were not sure what would be the best way to migrate to a new platform. They needed someone who had done it before and could help them foresee the challenges. When they trusted us, we helped them understand the modifications required to be made in product CSVs to import them in BigCommerce. Right from different product and category templates to email design, we explained to them all the key elements to achieve the desired design.

As promised, the new site made the store stand out and achieve pre-determined goals.

Developing Custom UI/UX for Better Performance

We discussed and recommended several added functionalities that could improve the performance of any modern store across devices and browsers. Here are some of the key custom functionalities that we added to the new store –

  1. Custom Faceted Search Filters
  2. Ajax Login/Register Popup
  3. One-page Checkout Customization
  4. Back in Stock Email Alerts
  5. Custom Support Section
  6. Custom Navigation
  7. Backend Editable Settings to Make It Easy to Manage for Staff
  8. Setting Up Custom Shipping Rules with Shipper HQ Integration

Conserving SEO Ranking and Setting up Better Tracking

The most important aspect of any migration is to make sure that you don’t lose the search engine ranking in the process and all the tracking tools like Google Analytics and Search Console are functioning well. We helped Tenergy understand this and retained their search engine ranking. Not only this, we set up a better commence tracking for their new store. We used this detailed data to help them make the best of their marketing budget.