mrsfc redesigning case study

business brief

Mister is a globally renowned men accessories brand. The designer brand has been adding a modern touch to classic men’s look with the central focus on quality, comfort and everlasting style since 2010. Based in San Francisco, Mister has been creating statement pieces to take men’s style quotient, a notch higher. Following its success in the men’s category, it has broadened its scope of operations to women accessories.


  • Strategy
  • UI / UX
  • Development & Implementation
  • eCommerce Integration
  • Conversion Optimization
  • Managed Support

Building Custom Design

The Mister team wanted to revamp their design to make it user-friendly and render a more intuitive user experience. The aim for this change was to grow the revenue and reach more customers. Following a collaborative approach discussing everything in detail, we achieved the goals together. Here are a few key design changes that we did –

  1. Building an SEO friendly structure for the pages
  2. Adding SEO-friendly features to the collection and product pages
  3. Changing typography, spacing and alignment across the site achieving better user engagement across devices
  4. Integrating features like infinite loading, adding swatches to collection pages, placing the important elements at more prominent positions, better upset features design, etc.
  5. 360 view

Developing Advanced Features

The brand offers a vast range of custom accessories. Over the years, they had been looking for ways to serve their customers better. They wanted to add several functionalities to help their customers make the right buying decisions and exhibit the value they offer. They wanted a quick loading site. It required us to build features as part of the core website rather than using third-party apps. Here are some of the features we developed to help them –

  1. Build your own functionality – It allows users to custom design their own product
  2. Custom engraving functionality – It enables preview of engraving in different fonts
  3. Upsell popups based on products in cart
  4. Custom discounts using shoplift scripts
    • Discounts based on quantity
    • Build a set functionality – Combo discount scripts. For instance, buy X with Y and get Z% off
  5. AR implementation for products – It allows users to view products in real-time using their phones

Conversion Analysis

Once the new design and functionality were live, we further helped the Mister team to better understand their SEO, Paid advertisement and Social media strategy eventually boosting their sales.