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How to Use Twitter Analytics the Right Way

twitter analytics tools

Developing a strong online presence requires an overwhelming number of activities and continuous efforts. From making a site to acing the specialty of social media, there is a lot to do. Indeed, even after you have limited your choices to only one social media channel, there are numerous ways you can take for creating content.

Let’s talk about one such platform that has immense potential for brands- Twitter. The platform sparks many content opportunities through tweets. You can tweet using videos or articles made in-house or share from others. Likewise, you can smartly share about your products. However, taking a promotional route while posting on social media platforms wouldn’t serve you any good. It requires a strong social media strategy.

Perhaps you’ll even have to share inspirational quotes or fun facts. It’s incredible to be inventive, however, it’s vital to take a step back and inquire as to whether your content is in sync with your overall brand strategy. To do all of this, you’ll want to have a holistic picture of your Twitter account’s performance to realize what you should continue doing and what you can improve on. This is precisely the thing that Twitter analytics is for.

In this article you will learn everything about Twitter Analytics and how to use it effectively. Here are some of its key components-

  • Summary page
  • Tweet Activity
  • Video Content Performance
  • Audience Insights
  • Events

About Twitter Analytics

Twitter analytics is a key component of the platform that enables you to track the performance of your Twitter account. From tweets to followers and more, it empowers you to comprehend the significance of each word, picture, or video that you post. These experiences will help you regardless of what your objective is: either you have to gain more followers, understand your audience better or even go viral. You’ll be able to collect all the relevant information and with that information, you can try out various types of content to understand what works and what doesn’t. From that point forward, you can refine your system for what’s to come.

Summary Page

The ‘Summary page’ is intended to simply give you an overall glance at your data and performance. Situated on the ‘Home’ page, you’ll discover a 28-day outline of your tweets, followers, impressions, profile visits, and mentions. This will enable you to perceive how your content performed in the previous month. You can likewise browse all of this information for every month. This enables you to separate month-to-month execution.

Tweet Activity

The second best place to check your Twitter execution is the ‘Tweets’ tab. Here you can find all that you need to know about the execution of your tweets. The principal thing you’ll need to do is pick your time span, which can be the previous 7days, 28 days, or a particular month. At that point, analyze the impressions, engagements, and engagement rate of each tweet over that period of time. It’s possible to see tweets measured by impressions within your tweet activity. Examples of this include, engagement rate to link clicks, retweets, likes, and replies.

Video Content Performance

Video Content can add to 157% expansion in organic traffic for your website. As a standout amongst the most captivating and viral types of content on the web today, it’s vital to take advantage of it. In case you’re utilizing this form, you’ll be happy to hear that you can quantify the consequences of video content execution on Twitter. Here you can choose a timeframe, then view each day video’s total views and completion rate (the fraction of viewers that watched your video all the way to the end).


In case you’re searching for social media content inspiration, the ‘Events’ section of Twitter features is an incredible spot to begin. Here you’ll discover data on future events happening around the world that will most likely be trending topics on Twitter. Topics range from entertainment to conferences, legislative issues, occasions, sports, motion pictures, and more. Inside every occasion, Twitter likewise gives key details on what number of individuals they expect it will achieve, gender, where people interested are located, and more. One thing you can do after browsing this information is to choose events that match your target audience’s interests (as you can learn from the audience insights section).

Now that you know how to make use of Twitter’s data analytics, nobody can stop you from acing this platform. For much such information about this platform or to get a free analysis of your social media accounts, you can write to us at

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