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How to Make Your Search Bar Your Winning Formula: 3dcart Store Development Hacks

Search Bar Your Winning Formula

You might be so busy in the rat race for getting more traffic to your eCommerce store that you completely ignore what happens when people visit it. Many reports suggest that the less time you take to impress a prospective buyer and help them find what they are looking for, the more are the chances that they will buy.

When potential buyers visit your store, they want to buy a particular product. A search bar is the quickest way to help them do so.

We are not telling you to place your search bar in a prominent position. It is a mandate for eCommerce stores, and you might most likely be having it already. If not, then you shouldn’t wait any longer unless you want to lose out on sales considerably. It is not the end of the story. In fact, it is just the beginning.

Here are 3 things you need to do to make your search bar your sales weapon-

Focus on nothing but the relevance

When users make a search query, it is crucial to ensure that they see the products that are closest to their query. Quite a few times, eCommerce sellers get lured into showing their most profitable products in search results, no matter how remotely related they are to the user’s query. By doing so, you risk losing a buyer. After all, if your visitors would have to browse through all your products manually to find the most relevant ones, what is the point of having a search bar?

Not only this, your search bar ensures that the efforts of your 3dcart digital marketing experts get the right results.

Leverage the power of autosuggestion

What makes Google smart? When you type a few words in its search bar, it knows what you are looking for! Or, is it that it wants you to see what it has to offer? It shows you what other people like you are searching related to that topic. Using the same principle, you should incorporate autosuggestions in your website.

It not only saves the user’s time but helps them to find other closely related products that they might be interested in. When you care so much about the comfort of the users and serve everything to them in a platter, it creates a positive image in their mind and shapes their buying decision in your favour.

Add filters to streamline results

The whole idea behind including a search bar on your website is to ensure that users don’t need to visit your entire product catalogue to reach the product that they are looking for. Filters help prospective buyers to streamline their query all the more. They give the potential buyers the power to choose, save a lot of time and help to narrow down the search. For instance, if you have an apparel brand, you can include filters like price, colour, gender, design, discount, and several others. A great way to identify new filters for your 3dcart store development is to identify potential buyers’ search patterns and include filters based on it.

These were just a few hacks. There are many more. It is these small things that differentiate a successful business from a moderately operating one. MakkPress’ 3dcart store development services have you covered. Our experts create a functional store that helps you accomplish your sales aspirations.

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