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Ecommerce Store Development Hacks: An Expert’s Guide to Stellar Product Images


There is a saying “A picture is worth a thousand words”. There is no place where it holds more significance than the ecommerce arena. In fact, professional and moderate photos can be the difference between a failed store and a successful one.

The solution to this is simple- pay considerable attention to your product images during ecommerce store development. Product photos can be of enormous help for your SEO efforts, particularly for some industries like; jewelry searches for image can bring astonishing sales.

In this blog, we will cover a few key takeaways for product images that will help you create enticing images that induce the buyer to purchase.

1 : Know the right resolution that works for your Store Design

Experiment with sizes as per the resolution and the design of your store,A suggested resolution will be 800 X 800 PX in most of the cases. In many platforms once you upload any image the system automaticallyresizes it for different sizes for product page, category page and cart page etc. There is no standard size which works for all the designs, You need to experience with resolution, empty space in image and backgrounds to get it right.

2: Choose the background colours wisely.

It is important to show your products in an attractive manner to induce a prospective buyer to buy. However, this doesn’t mean that you display your product in sharp backgrounds. In reality, this actually distracts the buyer. Use light colours in the background to make sure that your product gets its share of attention during your ecommerce store development endeavor.

3 : Images should be Consistent with each other.

To intensify your brand and give the most amazing ecommerce experience for shopping to your customers, your product photos should be consistent. Weather you use background or no background, flash or no flash, a dummy or a model, the most essential part is implement it on across the board, and to make it more effective make sure that your product photos come from the same source and they preferable to have a high quality, even though we zoom the product.

4 : Incorporate alternative views and try to have lifestyle image.

Another important fact is the exhibit alternate views. As a website owner you would like to be able to generate a tremendous experience for customers visiting your store and being able to pick up the product and be able to look it from the various angles..For instance: if you sell shirts, you will want to show photos of each shirt from various angles while being worn. Some ecommerce clothing sites even offer photos of their clothes being worn by models of differing body types to provide customers the fullest picture of how the attire will look on them.

5 : Images with background or without Background

One of the most crucial things to remember is to not to keep any background specially when you have products listed in various sizes since it doesn’t look gracious being in the different backgrounds, and moreover some images are short and some are large, so they get unequal and look dreadful on the website and top of it fail to grab the attention of user. It even reduces the chances to enlarge the image as the background of the picture takes the whole lot of space and the users are not able to take the clear view or zoom the picture to see the product properly. So using the CSS to create background is really essential as through this image can even get loaded quicker. In this way the customer’s don’t lose his interest and remains on the website.
This is one of the finest examples of white/no background: –

6 : Use PNG images for Web

Another important attitude is high-resolution image which can be in PNG format. Under this format the resolution of the picture is really high and really light so it doesn’t take so much time to get opened or downloaded and the quality remains high. This is the best format to put your product picture in.
Thus, Product photos are an essential part to put your business on top. Fantastic products of yours along with your camera, you have got everything you’re required to create photos of your product which make your online business valuable. So get to snapping’!

If you don’t want your website to lie unattended at any corner of the Internet and really want it to give you a competitive edge, follow the ways that guarantee the success of an ecommerce website

Creating an online store that helps you sell as per your expectations, not only involves stellar product images but several other aspects. If you pay attention to the right things during ecommerce store development, you win half of the battle.

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