Ecommerce Marketing

Ecommerce Marketing

What makes you stand out from the crowd?

Building process-driven marketing strategies that deliver results is a fundamental for a successful business.

With the cluster of channels of digital marketing available, it’s truly problematic to find sense in all the noise.

MakkPress Technologies endeavors to gain results, whether through quick-to-implement changes that increases sales or longer term strategies to improve your broad business results.

Result oriented marketing

We truly believe in smarter marketing. There are plenty of ways we can help you to develop your business performance, SEO and content, to social media, paid ads and many more.

We construct strategies that consolidate all these channels in the most efficient approach possible.

Search Engine Optimization

Make sense of the complex world of Search engine Optimization, acquiring yourself valuable traffic. Weather its link building, assuring you have a solid site structure, utilizing compatible keyword analysis, or creating incredible content, we have the skills and knowledge to help you to boost the search engine ranks.

Paid Ads

The rapid and most effective way to gain traffic and sales, a strongly managed set of campaigns across various platforms can do wonders for your conversion rates and maximize your ROI.


Maximize the best performing marketing channel: we can design and write relevant, timely and compelling email campaigns that your customers and prospects will have to click on, increasing reach and sales.

Social media

Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest, YouTube there platforms hold so much potential for your business. Let us help you unlock it with bespoke social strategies to grow your audience, enquiries, Brand awareness and revenue.

Conversion rate Optimization

The eventual aim of the CRO process is to turn the visitors of your site to purchasers regardless of whatever action is taken on the page. All the websites irrespective the industry, boost their numbers through this process. For this, Business owners should have a legitimate understanding of the market as well as their competitors to help in the leads increment process. By evaluating the durability of your direct and indirect rivals we help you in your business research.

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