deva swimming case study

business brief

Deva swimming institute has a chain of swimming institutes located in India. The institute aims at igniting the interest of sports aspirants and transforming them into strong individuals ready to achieve their goals. Known for maintaining best in class discipline and hygiene, the indoor swimming institute has highly qualified trainers who help in maintaining overall fitness and nurture higher living.


  • Strategy
  • UI / UX
  • Development & Implementation
  • Web application Development
  • SEO and Digital marketing
  • Conversion Optimization
  • Managed Support

Building a New Business Website

Deva Swimming Institute wanted to create a new website that was easy to manage and represented the brand for what it truly was. The experts at MakkPress invested time to understand the essence of the brand to create a website that perfectly reflected the unique brand identity. While creating the new website, our experts aimed at creating a modern design that would stand the test of time and keep the users engaged. We created a mobile-friendly design to tap the full potential of mobile visitors and delivered a flawless user experience.

In addition to building a user-friendly front-end, our developers created easy to manage back-end. With MakkPress’ continued security and support, the website has been able to grow the overall business by 4times in the past 2years.

Building an Online Class Booking Module

Deva institute wanted to simplify the online swimming session booking process so that clients could make the most of the benefits they offer. MakkPress built an online portal that helped the website visitors to book for swimming classes depending on their location. Some of the key features of this portal are as follow –

  • Different forms and fees for different locations
  • Varied timings for different locations
  • Different class validity
  • Separate forms for diverse age groups based on requirements like guardian approval
  • Dynamic ID creation and send to mail option
  • Facility to change location after you have paid
  • Admin management for active and inactive users or checking status
  • Multiple payment gateway integrations
  • Bulk customer import or export
  • Staff role management so that team at each location can check the status of any user
  • Payment reminders at the end of the subscription
  • Options for trainers
  • Unique ID by using number or email
  • A single user can book classes for the family

Local SEO

The rich functionality of the website wouldn’t have been proved much beneficial if the website didn’t have a fair number of visitors. MakkPress deployed expert white-hat search engine optimization tactics to boost the organic ranking of the brand’s website.

As a result, the website ranks on Google’s first page for most of the keywords that include- ‘swimming’ and ‘Gurugram’ and help Deva institute to make the best of their digital presence.