design & developm`ent process

Project Initialization

Building a website involves several steps. With more than 7 years of experience of working with reputed clients, we have created a streamlined designing process to bring your vision to life.

Once you accept our quote and upfront payment is made, we assign you a dedicated account manager. To facilitate a smooth correspondence and speedy development, we request to assign a single point of contact (SPOC) from your team, Assign someone who has authority to make final decisions about the website, even if it has to be the business owner himself/herself, our SPOC would be your dedicated account manager. You can have a video call to discuss your expectations. If you have any particular design idea in mind, you can discuss it with your manager.

Here is a closer look at our 5 step process to help you understand how easy it is to work with us:


Design and Revisions

How It Goes

After your first discussion with your manager, we begin working on the design mockup in Photoshop. We start with the homepage as it largely determines the theme, looks, and feel of the overall website. Our team typically takes 5-7 days to create a home page mockup. Unless otherwise specified in the scope of your project, you would be responsible for providing us the menu, page copy and images for the site. As per the design’s demand, we will design the essential images and graphics.

What format will the mockups be provided in and what is the best way to provide feedback?

The mockups will be provided as a URL so you can see how the site will look on the desktop. Unless your scope of work covers advanced responsive design, this mockup would be specific to desktop/laptop only. Check the samples below –

Desktop Mockups –

Mobile Mockups – (Mobile Mockups are provided for advanced responsive design option only)

The best way to provide feedback is to send screenshots or videos using tools like Jing. It allows you to add comments and highlights the changes you want in the next revision in the screenshot of the mockup, you can even create short video with jing too.

You can download Jing for free from the following link. Download Jing

Please check video tutorial below to learn how to use Jing:

How We Expect You to Contribute

We request you to take your time and send us a detailed feedback for the mockup. Be specific about how you want the things to look. If you have any sample link or visual example of your ideas, feel free to share them. In this way, we would complete the job within the promised time frame without exceeding the number of revisions mentioned in your scope of work. If the given number of revisions exceed, we would have to charge you for the extra rounds. Once, you approve the design mockup, we move it to the development phase.

It is always specified in your scope of work which pages would be custom designed and which pages would just be styled. Typically, important pages like ‘Home page’, ‘Collection/Category page’, product page or pages comprising significant information like ‘How to Use a Product’ are specified in the SOW for custom design. Pages with relatively less traffic like ‘Privacy policy’, ‘FAQ’, etc., are styled during the development phase itself using a standard format as per the theme.

Important Note

Our experts put their best foot forward to surpass your expectations. We expect that you will cooperate with them by giving timely feedback and communication. We have a number of projects lined up. If we do not hear from you for more than a week or so, we reserve the right to give priority to other projects. It doesn’t mean that your project wouldn’t be worked on altogether. It’s just that the remaining tasks would be completed once your project becomes the priority in the pipeline once again. Due to this, we would be free to work on as many projects in your otherwise stipulated timeline.



How It Goes

In this phase, we transform the approved designs into working websites. We do all this development on MakkPress sandbox so that your live website doesn’t face any glitch, meanwhile. Not only this, but we also create pre-decided custom functionality in this phase itself.Kindly note that in this phase only MakkPress Technologies’ employees will have access to the sandbox.

How We Expect You to Contribute

To set the development phase rolling, we need the following –

  • Content for the internal pages like About Us, FAQ, etc.
  • Contact information like phone number, email, address, etc., that would be displayed on the website.
  • Any additional images or text.
  • Social media links.
  • Necessary 3rd party codes and credentials pertaining to Google analytics, Adwords, Facebook Pixel, Mailchimp, live chat plugin, etc.
  • Testimonials
  • URLs for homepage slider or promotional banners to link to

Importing Products, Customers or Orders

If your project requires importing data like products, customers or orders, then you need to provide it to us. Based on the format and amount of data, we will give you the quote and time frame for the import. If you need to modify the data at the time of import or while migrating from one platform to another, then we would request you to provide us with the updated data. If you need us to help you with updating, it will incur additional charges.

All the data import will be done after the development phase is complete. We will provide you sample CSV for the desired format for your new platform like Shopify or BigCommerce.


Quality Assurance and Testing

Once the development phase is over, we start our internal QA and testing to make sure there are no bugs or issues in the site. Along with the development updates, MakkPress would provide you the links to the sandbox. We try our best to identify and resolveany bug. However, if you still come across any issue, please report it so that we can rectify it in the shortest possible time.


Project Delivery

Delivery and Going Live

Once you make the final payment, we deliver the project. You can choose the time you want to go live. We prefer to go live early in the week so that we can be available for the entire week and resolve any issue at the earliest.

Your site migration might take a few hours during which your site would be down. In rare cases, it might take up to 48 hours to complete the migration. We would suggest you refrain from making any update in the backend during this time.


Once your site is complete according to the scope, we are not responsible for malware, hacking, virus or any other issue related to self-hosting. You may contact your hosting provider for more information about securing your site.

Site backup

After your project is successfully delivered, MakkPress is not responsible for maintaining backups for the work, unless specified in your scope of work.


Maintenance and Support

We provide a 60-day support after the completion of your project. You might choose to go live later but the support period starts as soon as we transfer the site’s ownership and coding to you. The support phase covers any issues that stem from our work. Kindly bear in mind that the support period doesn’t cover data entry or any new design or development work. Also, it doesn’t include any platform training. Our obligation to make the necessary changes ends the moment the code is tampered with by any other developer. Kindly remember that we will handle all the support requests during our standard business hours.

We offer retainer packages so that you can continue to grow your business without any worry, even at the end of the support period. Our retainer packages are available for the duration of 1yr. You can just email us the issue as soon as you have a task for us and we will get started on it in 24 hours, (except on holidays and weekend). In case you need emergency help (on holidays or at night), you can contact your account manager to discuss the prices for the same. We will track the time for each task and send you the reports for pending hours.