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Common Mistakes You Should Stop Making on Google Ads

Pay per click

Google Ads is an excellent way of targeting potential customers who are actively looking for the products or services you offer. However, you are not the only one running ads. There are others in your industry who do the same. You need to tap your full potential to stay ahead of the curve.

“If you spend money, you make money.” However, this doesn’t hold in case of pay per click marketing. If you don’t use Google Ads correctly, they can be an unnecessary expense on your pocket, without yielding any productive result.

Here are some of the common mistakes that you should avoid while working on Google Ads, and for which you should stop paying for right now.

Not using tangible products for Google Shopping Ads

When you run a physical product’s e-commerce store, Google Shopping Ads is worth experimenting. Make attractive shopping ads for your physical products rather than putting them into text ads.

Google Shopping ads are usually more suitable for physical products, taking more considerable attention than the text ads with the product images, price displays, and an orderly display. People are more engaged in shopping ads through the product images along with its price.

Not using the correct type of keyword matches

Google Ads is all about keywords. Using the correct keywords is a crucial aspect of all kinds of Google Ads. Keyword match types are mainly ways to organize your search quotes on different terms.

Keywords are phrases that determine your ad’s online presence in search engines. To display your shopping, text ads, you need to research the Keyword Planner. Using the keywords suitably is another important thing you need to understand while setting up a campaign.

Not using negative keywords

Looking for relevant searches? Then, Building a negative keyword list is essential to exclude your low-quality traffic. There are many negative keywords you need to focus on as per your requirement.

Some of the common negative keyword prefixes you can use are:

  • Free
  • Cheap
  • Wholesale (if you are not selling in bulk)

To improve your Quality Score and click-through rates (CTR), you need to focus on the negative keyword list. See your competitors’ keywords and exclude your negative keywords accordingly.

Not leveraging ad extensions to improve your ad copy.

Why stuck on putting headlines and description when you can create more attractive ads by using various ad extensions. Some of you are might not be aware of adding ad extensions to your ad and taking your ad to the next level.

Some of the Ad extensions are:

  • Structured snippets
  • Call out extensions
  • Sitelinks
  • Location

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