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Questions to Ask Your E-commerce developer before hiring

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Finding a perfect E-commerce developer company can be a daunting task unless you do not ask the right kind of questions. In the past few years, there is a dramatic rise of digital stores; from clothing shops and Indian craft to giants like Zalora and Lazada and only a few people are good at developing E-commerce websites on the professional level, so it is really crucial to choose it wisely.

Today, the barrier to entry is lower than ever, with a wide variety of choices that will let you develop your own ecommerce website, whether you want configuration or a hosted solution with quick setup, a custom online ecommerce platform will allow you to fully customize your online store since there are a lot of choices out there.

While choosing the developer keeping an idea how large scale your project is and how much you would intend to pay for it, is always important. It is usually tempting to correlate the price with the work however if you are looking for a long term relationship and facilities the company is providing budget can still become a secondary aspect to look at.

This article is an ecommerce website development guide that aims to walk you through the process of getting the correct person to develop your website; it will also show you the each step on the way and as a Client you can prepare for your project as follows:

Q1 : Will I be able to edit and update website myself or how much part of the website can be updated by without doing any kind of coding”?

I believe as a non-technical person you might would not be able to do a lot of coding, so you need to make sure that you get a platform where in you or your staff can make certain changes to website like Homepage sections for any new promotions, text or Menu, content Pages like about us and blog posts are some of important factors. It will save a huge amount of time and efforts and comes in handy for making any small changes.

Q2 : How long have they been making E-commerce websites? And what kind of processes do they follow?

To develop a professional E-commerce website you need an Experienced Developer who will have been working in this particular field for longer period and understands your requirements, to make the process smooth and more efficient as he wouldhave suggestions based on past experiences and changes which businesses like yours face with a Ecommerce site, so the project can go fluently. He even will have all the processes in place for everything from design to development and from support to communication etc; he willprofessionally execute the whole project with complete control without creating any hassle.
Any Industry like fashion, Consumer goods, Jewelry, always have common challenges so an experienced company might have solutions for such problems even before you know that such issues exist.

Q3 : Will I get support even when the site iscompleted? And can I hire a freelancer for the task

The more complex the project would be, the more likely you will need support even after the project would be completed. That’swhy it is really important that the developer helps you even afterwards, and if required he identifies and wipes out the errors immediately. Freelancers cannot provide a long-term solution as, he can keep you hanging once the project is finished, since his liabilities get finish with the project, Simultaneously hiring a freelancer may be stressful as they have quite obvious limits: firstly they cannot be experts in all fields, so if any new problem arises there should be someone else too with Whom you can get involved with, Secondly there is reliability issues arises too since freelancers tend to disappear from time to time, or work at night for the matter. Consequently no matter how flexible they are, communication, discussions may still turn out to be more difficult in the end, however For professional developers it is an investment in the hope of their customers choosing them the next time as well and being a perspective client you will have a better chance of receiving a real top-quality service, it might be a possibility that you have to pay a higher price to get services from professional developers however there is a good chance that this turns out to be a profitable investment, because you get such a service for your money that a freelancer would not be able to provide.

Q4 : What kind of quality assurance do they perform?

It is really essential that Development Company takes the full liability of all its work. As a client you need to confer with how precisely the new developments are tested and what kind of techniques are used and how are they integrating it into your system. Are they testing the site to all the latest Mobile devices and browsers. Are they testing all the user cases. Its essential as its might cause large number of losses in long run.

Q5 : Whom you will be communicating with?

This is genuinely vital that you are able to communicate properly with the Company in all stages of development. On this ground you need to ask whether there would be a separate responsible Single point of contact like a project manager, whom you can contact anytime and discuss eventual changes with or the queries that arise, the point of contact able to comprehend and interpret things to you, Simultaneously you need to be aware about the updates, weather you will be getting weekly, fortnightly or monthly updates, and what kind of revision processes they have, you need to be well aware of the processes.

Q6 : Always ask for references and check testimonials.

Asking for references and checking testimonials can really be valuable to check the correct performance of the development company as only their words cannot be taken for such huge tasks. Ask their contact details of former clients, it is truly essential to see how they utilized their resources in previous similar projects. How precisely they communicated with last clients, how reliable they were, how much they respected the points they agreed on previously and finally weather they articulated all essential information, during and after the project or not.

Q7 : What are the challenges you are facing with your website?

Issues can either be huge or really minor. Discuss all kinds of threats you are facing. A professional developer would know the issues you are facing as well as the ways to handle or resolve as he must have handled the similar kind of projects before.
You might be looking for a way t manage your Inventory, Any trouble with your logistics partners or to increase the number of returning customers on the site. Any challenge can be resolved quickly when you have right development partner.

Q8 : How involved you need to be?

Ask company about your involvement, What you need to provide, What kind of format do you need to provides images, product details or any other content required from you.
What kind of feedback or response is expected from you.
If you understand the working Process f your development partner, it can make work much smooth.

Q9 : How can the developer help you to plan and execute the website better?

A professional will be able to notify you about the latest trends in the market, what kind of approaches can work what pages you should have in your website and how can you make your content better or write it in a more efficient way. He will also tell you some extra points to boost up your sale. Its always a better idea to get advise for someone who has seen Ecommerce sites becoming successful or fail and what caused it.

Q10 : Will they set up any Analytics tool to check the website performance?

Analytical tools is something through which you can check the progress or performance of your website as a client, so to check the website and product performance a professional developer will set up the advancedGoogle analytics tool, so as a client you would be able to track funnels, goals and product performance anytime you want.

Q11 : Will they be able to help you with the work beyond design and development like integration, GST, shipping images, order fulfillment and planning to staff needs etc.?

A professional developer can help you with all certain parameters which are beyond design and development. Firstly he can introduce you the best tools to integrate for customer support, secondly he can help you to plan the staff on the basis on the position of your company, best shipping options for international as well as domestic shipping, help you with invoice templates and finally he can help you in order fulfillment also.

Consequently, finding a professional and efficient developer can be a tough task and asking the right kind of questions and keeping some necessary facts in your mind is absolutely crucial and once you catch it, you see the growth in your E-commerce business by yourself. After all as business owners you are here to make your business more profitable and not to ruin your organization’s money.

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