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Branded versus Non- Branded Keywords- Which Ones are More Beneficial?

According to Search Engine Land, Google conducts 63,000 searches per second. Among such a humongous number, what is the likelihood of someone searching for your brand? Well, in reality, looking for your brand comes much later. The first question to burst your dreamy bubble is- are people even aware of your company’s existence?

For this, you need to create brand awareness. Till the time you register yourself in your target audience’s mind and establish a name for yourself, you need to grab their attention while they are casually looking for similar products. To put it to action, you need to incorporate non-branded keywords in your SEO strategy. Since this can be quite challenging, you can avail professional SEO services to ease your ordeal.

What are ‘non-branded’ keywords?

You have a party in your office. You want to buy a jacket for yourself but don’t have the time to go out, so you decide to buy it online. Let’s assume that you are not obsessed with any particular brand and would go for any jacket that is in line with the latest trend and is of good quality.

At this stage, you wouldn’t mind visiting different websites that appear in the search results. This is because you are open to options and would buy the one that would be the best value for money.
Similarly, this is precisely how your target audience functions. When they make general queries, they are open to discovering new brands. Make the most of this opportunity with the help of professional SEO services.

Pro tip-Non-branded keywords have a considerably high search volume in comparison to branded keywords. Since there is no dearth of others who will be competing to grab potential buyers’ attention if you are planning to base your ads on these keywords, be ready to spend higher.

When you use these keywords, make sure that you convince your prospective buyers- what makes you different and why should they choose you among the other alternatives they have. Also, make sure that you follow the right practices that boost the speed of your website.

Branded Keywords

There are times when you are crystal clear in your mind about what you want to buy and from where. This can often be due to your delightful first-hand experience that has deepened your trust over the years and made the company synonymous to a particular product category. When you need something from that category, you head straight towards the brand.

Have you conducted a specific search on Google say – “Google Chrome” and found the result preceded by an ad run by the same brand and wondered- “What was the need of it; isn’t it a waste of money?”

An ad run by a brand on its own brand name

And then there are situations like the following. When you type a brand’s name, say “The Content Marketing Institute” and see an ad from another brand appearing before the specific result you were looking for.

Another brand running ad on “Content Marketing Institute”, an industry benchmark

This tactic is deployed by big brands these days to steer highly qualified traffic in their direction. When they succeed, in their ad strategy, you come across such ads. Now you might have better understood why brands run ads on their brand name, as in situation 1.

All in all, a good search engine optimization strategy includes the right amount of branded and non-branded keywords. Non-branded keywords create newer avenues for brand awareness. On the other hand, branded keywords come in handy when your brand has established a reliable name for itself.

Choosing keywords wisely determines much of the fate of your search engine ranking. When it comes to pay-per-click (PPC) ads, keywords matter all the more as they ‘cost’ you. It is advisable to seek help from a PPC advertising firm that knows the ins and outs of selecting the right ones. MakkPress has more than 8 years of experience of creating profitable online presence for budding and established brands to help you increase your ROI.

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