Boka Redesigning case study

business brief

Boka is an oral health care brand focused on strengthening preventive health by ensuring oral hygiene. The company’s oral products are a blend of natural ingredients and modern science to ensure that mouth, a significant source of chronic inflammation and other diseases in people is free from harmful bacteria. The brand has been featured in well-known publications like Forbes, Business Insider, GQ, Esquire, Fast company, Vice and Vogue.


  • Strategy
  • UI / UX
  • Development & Implementation
  • Subscription Integration
  • Conversion Optimization
  • Managed Support

Redesign – Building a More User-friendly Design to Improve Conversion

We improvised the website design and made changes to several key elements based on buying behavior so that customers could find them easily. The most interesting part was to create a design that would reflect Boka as a unique brand, something that it actually is, leading to better customer engagement for both mobile and desktop.

Centralizing Inventory for Different Sales Modes

Boka sells 8 oral health care products in 3 ways – kits, single products, and subscriptions. In the absence of any central inventory tracking mechanism, the inventory had to be manually updated, immensely increasing the workload of the in-house employees. Also, at times, the status was not accurate due to human error. MakkPress solved the problem with the help of a central inventory monitoring system to ensure that if a buyer purchases a kit, the total number of available single toothbrush units also decreases in real-time. It not only helped the company to make the most of its available units to create a positive brand experience but also eliminated the chances of denying the order later on account of inadequate stock.

At the root level, the ability to track the inventory in real-time ensured that the stock could be replenished well in time.

Setting a Unique Subscription

Boka sells toothbrush, floss, tongue cleaner, cocorinse and replacement heads. Whenever a buyer purchases a toothbrush for the first time from Boka, they get 3 replacement heads free with it. MakkPress has set up unique subscription packages for their products. This means that a specific amount gets deducted quarterly from the subscriber’s account in exchange for the products subscribed for. This facilitates a smooth system for payment and delivery.