Your Journey to the Digital World!!! withMAKKPRESS


MakkPress Technologies is an ecommerce consulting and services firm specifically focused on helping startups, and small to medium-sized businesses understand how to grow their brands efficiently and successfully. Our team of Designers, Strategists and developers has vast experience in all verticals of ecommerce Arena. We are a Full Service Digital Agency to help you with Design, Development, Product photography and image editing, Product Videos, Shipping and Logistics, Payment Gateway Integration, Marketing, Sales and Support.


When a great web design is doing its job its hard to realize that, We at MakkPress create designs which help you connect with your customers, it’s the smooth user experience which will help you generate more sales.



All the Platforms like shopify or Magento have their limitations, Our coders have years of experience in providing the best custom solutions for your needs. Whether it’s a Booking system or a API integration , we have the solution for you. We offer great code quality with skills.

Product Photography and Image editing

As Lauren Freedman, president of the The E-tailing Group, said during the Internet Retail Conference Exhibition in 2012 (IRCE) “product information should start with strong imagery as part of the shopping experience”. She also presented a study conducted to consumers, the IRCE 2012 Report, where 75% of them listed the quality of the product images as the most important feature when shopping online. We will help you achieve the best images for your website to improve your conversion.

Product Videos

A picture may be worth a thousand words, but according to Forrester Research one minute of video is worth 1.8 million words. Online shoppers are on a mission. We’ve all been there, glued to the computer, doing product research and trying to make a purchase decision. Whether they are comparison shopping or checking customer reviews, consumers want to educate themselves before ordering online.
We help you create great informational videos about your products to help you achieve that. Customers love the videos and remember your brand with it.

Shipping and Logistics

As a small or medium size business it’s important to have the best logistics solutions for your brand. There are many logistics companies to choose from, some are very good are reach and coverage but high on cost other could be good at both but bad at technical capabilities. There are several factors we need to take into account, whether you want to deliver international or if you need a budget friendly partner, we will help you make best decisions.

Payment Integration

Payment gateway Integration

As a Ecommerce consultancy we get asked a lot about payment gateways and we end up selecting one on clients behalf several time, All payment gateways have also similar pricing structure and taking a percentage on each transaction so its no point discussing the prices here, what we can help you with is how does a payment gateway integrate with your platform and custom development requirement, we can help you find the partner which offers best support.


Here is what most people plan for marketing:

  • Social Media
  • SEO
  • Friends & Family
  • Paid Advertising

Others Might have a different marketing approach including:

  • Going to Trade Shows
  • Building a Pre-Launch List
  • Creating a DataBase of Bloggers for Product Reviews
  • Reaching Out to Magazines for Reviews

Without a solid marketing plan, too much is left to chance. When you rely on “hope based marketing” you’re at very high risk of losing money, time, and traction, because nothing is strategic and everything is reactive.

As the old adage states, “A failure to plan is a plan to fail”

You need a solid plan and Goals for success of your Brand, You should have definite goals!

If the goal is “Grow Revenue by 25% each Quarter ” your objectives might be:

  • Add 40 new customers/month
  • Increase repeat purchases by 10%
  • Increase AOV by 15%

Don’t worry about getting into the “how” just yet, but rather let this Goals & Objectives summary set the stage for the rest of the marketing plan, lets build the case for why the market will be receptive, and how to achieve these objectives tactically.

Sales and Support

You might have multiple retail store locations, or you could have a single ware house or you might be drop shipping products. Each business has its own unique requirements with sales and order management. We help you find best solutions to help you automate the order management and customer support.