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A Complete Guide for YouTube and Pinterest Social Media Marketing

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Spending time on social media has become a daily ritual for an increasingly large section of the global population. After all, it’s how they get their news about the happenings across the world, discover that their old companion from secondary school got married and know more about the world in general. Owing to its immense potential, it has paved the road for brands to engage their target audience and stay in their mind.

Ensuring a strong social media presence for your brand has become an essential ingredient for success. It’s critical to actualizing social media marketing into your business’ everyday plan to construct and draw in with a network of individuals that are interested in your products or services.

In this article, we’ll explain 2 social media platforms that have immense potential for brands that hasn’t been tapped adequately- Pinterest and YouTube We’ll also talk about what type of organizations can earn profit by having a presence on them, and how to apply them to your social media plan.


Pinterest is a social stage unlike whatever else you’ve seen on the web. It’s a visual discovery tool that enables you to gather thoughts to inspire your very own activities. These thoughts can fall under any point going from formulas to expressions and specialties, wedding to photography and a lot more.

It’s very clear that Pinterest serves as an important network for creators and visionaries. This implies it’s not for everybody or each business. If you realize that your business has eye-catching, innovative, or beautiful things to share, or infographics to help people, this platform is for you.

You should ‘pin’ regularly and reliably to remain active on this platform. Despite the fact that there is no precise number of times suggested, note that each post with a connection to your site will draw more traffic – which implies more leads, deals, and better business in general.

You can also consider taking advantage of Pinterest ads. This will enable you to reach your target audience and help in building awareness, bringing more visitors to your website, and increasing your sales. When you make your business account, you can begin with promoting your brand on Pinterest.


As you know, YouTube is a place to watch videos from diverse categories: tutorials for workout classes, music recordings, video blogs, comedy clips, product promotions, mini episodes, online courses and more. Viewers can like, share, and comment on content that they watch. For an organization, it’s a chance to promote your brand through video, as an ever increasing number of users are inclined towards consuming video content.

Any business can, and should, produce and upload video content. That’s because many video marketing statistics will tell you that it’s worth your time and that it’s the way for what’s to come. Video content can lead to a 157% increase in organic traffic for your website.

The initial step to making a YouTube account for your business is to sign up on the platform. Mind you, a business account is not different from a personal account by the platform’s standards, yet you can customize it and make it look like an expert one. To do this, you need to have

  • your business’ name for the channel
  • your logo as your profile picture
  • a professional cover photo
  • an ‘about’ section containing links to your website and
  • other active social media channels.

Promoting on YouTube will enable your content to be seen by more individuals when they are searching or watching videos. You likewise possibly need to pay when users show interest. This type of advertising is called TrueView Ads.

Now that you have knowledge about these platforms, you are ready to set your foot if you haven’t already. There are expert ways tricks to take you all the way to the top. To get a free consultation from our social media experts, you can write to us at

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