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5 Things to Ace the Search Engine Optimization Game in 2019

Search Engine Optimization Game in 2019

Whenever you surf the Internet and type anything in the search box, you see relevant results. No matter how half-baked your query might be, search engines do their best to show you the corresponding results. How do search engines determine which content to display for which question? Thanks to search engine optimization! If you want your website to appear in top search results, you have to create high-quality content. In 2019, search engines are becoming smarter and advanced at producing highly specific results.

Here are some of 5 key trends you should keep pace with in 2019 to get found by your target audience-

1. Aim to appear in featured snippets

Fashion magazines aren’t the main ones searching for the ‘next enormous thing.’ Google is also continuously looking for simplest formats to answer its users’ queries. If you win a place in the featured snippet, your website gets enormous visibility and creates and stands out even among the websites ranking on the first page of search results.

In case you don’t know exactly what is featured snippet- it is the section roosted over the greater blue-inked listings on the SERPs, often appearing in response to a question. Owing to their placement on the page, they are also known as position zero.

2. Focus on your brand’s reputation

As a business owner, you should focus on your company’s reputation. One common technique for showing your trustworthiness as a brand is by creating genuine backlinks.

Backlink means when external sites link to yours. The more clicks you get on the link, the more your presence becomes legit. In this process, people jump straight to the websites of brands they know as reliable sources for the information they need.

3. See How Mobile is on First

In March 2018, Google announced the rollout of something known as the mobile-first index. This term basically means that, if you have both a fuller and portable variant of your site, Google’s bots will look at the mobile one first when deciding how to rank your site in the search lists. Also, if you only have a desktop website, it can still be indexed – the absence of a mobile twin might just mean a lower position on the SERPs. After the mobile-first index launch, Google also launched the mobile speed update. Which implies loading speed is a factor in how they calculate the ranking of mobile sites.

MakkPress can help you in making a mobile-friendly website along with the great content. So that, your website can rank high in Google search engines.

4. Have a look at the new video carousels

Google changed the static three-video show for a more wide-ranging video carousel. The new version enables clients to continue looking through around eight separate lists.

5. Write Quality Content

In order to rank high, you should not only focus on quantity but quality as well. You should make quality content for your website. In today’s time, content is the king for your website. While crawling your website, Google focuses on your website’s content. If your content is unique, trustworthy and of good quality then, your site will rank high in searches.

Make sure, your business gets found by the world. The first step is to create an amazing website. Need help with that? Drop us a mail at to get a free consultation.

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