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3 Tips From A Shopify E-commerce Developer to Build a Faster Website

tips for faster websites

Why does a Shopify developer give so much attention to the website speed?

An experienced web developer knows that the website should load in just three seconds to ensure that the visitors don’t bounce back. If it takes longer, then the online buyers won’t hesitate in moving to another eCommerce site. In essence, your slow website can dwarf your business growth, making it all the important to build a fast website.

A recent study has brought to light many Shopify stores with an average speed of 3 seconds.

Here are 3 things that form the apex of Shopify website development services you can follow to make your website a source of profit, not sorrows-

Replace Oversized Images

Many Shopify stores struggle with large images. Online merchants want beautiful pictures to showcase their products. After all, these pictures help a potential customer to connect to a product and weave credibility with a better viewing experience. Most importantly, if your Shopify store’s images don’t stand out or catch the attention of a viewer, you’re less likely to make a sale. You can hire a Shopify eCommerce developer to ensure that your images are of high quality, and do not take too much time to load. They use advanced tools and procedures to reduce the file size of the image, without compromising its quality.

Delete Unnecessary Plugins

Plugins are a great way of adding functionality to your website. They handle a problem but do not optimize your shopping store for speed. If you use too many of them, they can slow down your site. Shopify eCommerce developers advise you to use fewer plugins.

If you realize that a plugin is not adding to your website’s functionality, then it’s better to delete it. Keep in mind that if you remove any plugin, you need todig in deep and make the necessary adjustments.

In addition to this, the ones that you continue using need to be updated regularly. The older a plugin is, the more likely it is to slow down your website.

Take a look at the widgets on your website while you are going through the process of removing or updating plugins. Sometimes loading your main content may slow down the additional elements on your landing page, product page, or even contact page. If there is a chance to remove other widgets or reduce your landing page to a single column, web developers highly recommend it.

Change Your Theme

If you are building your own Shopify store, selecting the right theme will require some research. Start by finding a few themes you prefer. Then, use Pagespeed insight from Google, or other performance analysis tools, to gauge the performance metrics of the theme. Often, you can compare the preview pages of each theme to determine those that run faster.

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