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10 Tips to Create a Successful PPC Campaign

Selling products online without targeting the right audience would be a matter of loss for you. Google ads are a great way to stand out among thousands of other brands offering similar products and services. It calls for some investment on the part of businesses. However, if you do it the right way, it is totally worth the investment.

Running PPC ad campaigns with the right audience target is effective in driving more sales. Here are some tips that you should follow to create a winning pay per click (PPC) campaign-

1. Create a good strategy

Keeping your goals in mind, you need to create an excellent strategy to support your business objectives. All the things related to allocating your budget, targeting the audience, differentiating the products and the types of ad you use are all dependent on your strategy.

2. Use long tail keywords to target the right audience

Long tail keywords generate higher and relevant traffic to your website. These types of keywords are suitable to use but don’t use too many. Long tail keywords have more conversion rates than the short tail keywords. The average conversion rate for these keywords is 36%.

3. Keep an eye on your competitors

Analyzing your competitors’ campaign is necessary to choose the right keywords and run your campaigns. To drive higher traffic, you need to keep an eye on your competitors’ activities that boost their keywords ranking, traffic sources other PPC metrics.

4. Use more extensions

For specific products, use extensions. There are extensions like site links, location, callout and many more. Make your ads more creative with additional information. Ads that have extensions induce potential customers to click.

5. Leverage Google Shopping

Google shopping is an excellent way to get higher traffic on e-commerce websites. You will find images of the products at the top of the search result page. Make sure you use high-quality product images and optimize your product information feed to maximize the benefits of your Google shopping ads.

6. Complementing budget and strategy

Plan your strategy according to your budget. If you have a low budget, you cannot spread your ad campaign to achieve greater reach. In this case, you should highly streamline your campaign to reach the most relevant audience. Plan a budget and then strategize accordingly.

7. Effective ad copy

You need to make your ad copy emotional considering who the customer is. Crafting an impactful ad copy mentioning the product features is one of the main components to attract your potential customers. Avoid the use of all caps word and slang terms!

8. Generate high traffic out of your ad budget

You need to focus on generating higher traffic and getting the most out of your ad budget. Set your budget wisely and run campaigns to gain greater reach. Conversely, you can also aim to utilize your budget to the audience you feel matters the most to your business.

9. Stay updated

Social media platforms like Facebook come up with new features almost every week. It is essential to stay tuned with all the latest updates while setting up your ad campaigns.

10. Manage your bids wisely

If you are a small scale business with limited funds, a good to ensure the profitability of your ads would be to choose keywords that have low completion, resulting in lower bidding costs.

Also, never forget to do A/B testing with your ads.

PPC campaigns help you get noticed by the right audience and significantly boost your sales figures. All that they need is a little investment and smart work. Not satisfied with your PPC campaign’s results? Write to us at sales@makkpress to get a free analysis of your ad campaigns.

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