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10 Mistakes You Can’t Afford to Make in Your Digital Marketing Plan


The increasing opportunities in the digital ecosystem are attracting more entrepreneurs in this terrain. It has led to a splurge of online brands. In this scenario, digital marketing has become an indispensable tool to create a unique identity and boost revenue for your brand.
However, beyond a well-planned and proper online marketing strategy, too much is left to casual. I feel when you rely on “hope based marketing” you are at very high risk of losing money, consumption and time. For entrepreneurs who are just starting with the dream of being “the next big thing,” and for settled businesses, I think it’s vital to see what kind of outlining goes into a successful entry in the market. In this blog we would be concentrating on a couple of common mistakes most of the business marketers make while making the online marketing strategies:

1) They try to showcase all the products on all social media channels.

There is an old saying that “if you try to please everyone, you end up pleasing no one”, this applies in marketing as well. I feel there is an overextended maximalist mindset in marketing these days since Brands have never had many methods to choose from. There are social media, content marketing, email, SEO, PPC and influencer marketing; it makes me think that companies are annoyance from collapse and dullness. As a marketer I believe rather focusing on multiple channels and not to get appropriate conversion, concentrate on only one marketing channel at a time. Jumping in head first and trying to manage, four or five various channels can be mind-boggling and you are unlikely to kill it at any strategy.

Even if you are an accomplished marketer who has the expertise of ins and outs of the proceedings, still you can’t abstract the full potential of any single channel, because when you focus profoundly on one channel, you can give it a 100% attempt. It won’t even help you run your marketing campaign at a great level but also conclude the aspiring results quicker. Working on too many marketing channels at once is kind of like being a “jack of all trades and master of none”. Even if you are posting the same content on everysocial media network, it’s still going to be tedious and time-consuming, thus some areas of your marketing campaign are bound to undergo.

Multitasking can decrease the impact


Multi-channel is Less Cost-Effective


It allows you to outplay your rivals.


Consequently, establishing your consideration on a single channel bestowed you to become the master of that channel before moving on to the next one, After all you will want to see what sticks and doing this allows you to:

  • Manage each channel at the extraordinary level.
  • Minimize your stress level.
  • Maximize your impact in the market.
  • Save money
  • Better reach your core audience.
  • Outperform primary rivals.

2) Marketing to everyone and Anyone

It’s always attractive to direct your marketing efforts at everyone. Never make this blunder as a marketer. You really need to be precise as that’s the most essential part of the marketing. Most of the companies make the mistake of focusing exclusively on the number of visitors instead of analyzing traffic to their websites. If the traffic is growing, they are happy, careless of whether these people will become clients, however in reality, your website should have the “right traffic”. You really need visitors that can be transformed into purchasers. When I refer to the “right traffic or visitors”, I am not specifying to only demographic framework, I am indicating towards a niche market as well. As a professional marketer you need to limit your target market. Once narrow your target audience, you will get more relevant leads and become more successful with your digital marketing operations.

3 Not calculating returns on Marketing

Overlooking to measure your marketing results is one of the worst sins in marketing. You can never know if something is working for you or not unless you don’t measure results. Many businesses make this blunder. They drain their time and money into distinctive forms of marketing, and as long as their traffic stopovers or increases, they are glad. However as per me being a marketer I feel that implementing marketing strategies instinctively without measuring returns on investment is a terrible way to spend your money as a company. It shows you are depending on luck and speculating the money away. Another frequent issue is that the most of the companies who measure results they do it inaccurately. They look at “vanity metrics” like overall leads, traffic and sales without a detailed analysis of how specific campaigns for marketing devote to these numbers. Essentially, your goal is to find out whether the money you spent was worth it or not.
Consequently, I would say that implementing marketing strategies aimlessly without measuring return on investment is a misuse of money.

4) Relying on solely on Paid advertising

Great view about the paid advertising such as PPC in hunt results, paid ads on social media or on other websites is that it is trustworthy and will mostly produce results. It is also a rapid way to get the right traffic to your website and convenient totally ROI (Return on Investment). As paid advertising seems engaging, it has a couple of large-scale flaws as well. Firstly, it‘s costly and you might would find that there often are low-cost alternatives that have finer outcomes in ROI.

Secondly, paid promotion has no long-term continues benefits, so as a company you should always invest in a mix of strategies, such as inbound marketing, which can conclude social media, SEO and e-mail. It is true that these methods of marketing need time to attain prominent results, however these results will be there permanently and you will be able to obtain the benefits in a long-run as opposed to fading and rare injections of traffic which paid advertisements offer. On the contrary even the Paid advertising has its own place since it can take time to ramp up your another marketing efforts, paid advertising can be a fast temporary fix for you, moreover if you have drained all your other options and have untapped money in your marketing budget , paid ads can be a bright investment towards it. Soas long as it reflects ROI, it can always be a good extension in your marketing proposal.

If you want to make the most of every penny you spend, seek help from a pay per click specialist. They know what it takes to enhance your digital marketing return on investment.

5) Not having the right partner or tools

It is a common misconception that non-branded keywords are more beneficial than their branded counterparts. Is it really so? Branded or non-branded- which keywords are more beneficial- you really need to find out.Marketing has become so complex and vast that one single person cannot become knowledgeable in all the aspects. There are many experts but they again can’t manage all these alone. They count on other people with different set of skills participate on the work and same applies on Tools as well.

The large amount of data to develop and restore on a daily basis can easily overpower you, so just to keep in this mind there are many tools out there which can help you to automate your efforts for marketing. It’s really important to get engaged in the right kind of marketing partner as well to be sure about what they do on the website. An excellent marketing professional would have a history or marketing and would be able to exhibit results with previous Clientele. I would like to recommend a couple of online marketing tool which can help you to analyze the web traffic.

The first one is: Google analytics, it only takes a few minutes to add the analytics code to your website and this gives you the capability to record every action by every visitor. Google analytics can have the biggest impact on your marketing strategy since you would be able to track where your traffic is coming from and with this useful data you can tailor your future strategy since the collected data and review of it can become tremendously beneficial.

The other one is KISS metrics, the tagline of the tool says all “Track, analyze and optimize your digital marketing performance. See what’s working and what’s not, across all campaigns, mobile and web”. As a marketer you need to record and analyze each and every move of your customers and this is the only efficient way to focus on the policy that contributes the best return on the investment (ROI). With this efficient tool you can conveniently watch what is working and what is not, across all of your campaigns. However on the other side it’s not a cheap tool to mention on your list, it’s the one you would like to think about as your business gets up and running. Except these two tools there are some other tools like:-Follower wonk, Hoot suite, Trello, Hub spot, crazy egg, BuzzSumo, Mail Chimp and many more.

6) Overlooking Mobile

The overall users of mobile has been exceeded in 2014 as desktop users since it has got a reliable place in the most consumers’ hands and pockets. Many of businesses pay plenty of money for their other strategies and don’t think about their mobile strategy. Mobile is more users friendly and comparatively easy to establish with the help of right professionals. Mobile marketing should be identical with digital marketing at this point; and this is truly essential to the success of operations.

7) Not planning appropriately or Setting goals

Many marketers fail to achieve requisite success as they do not have clear goals and specific plan of action. Planning doesn’t mean deliberately in a room of decision makers, it means analyzing your current strengths, needs, weaknesses and goals. It even comprises taking your budget and going through it, Step by step, and regulate where your marketing money should go.

8) Holding unreal prediction

A couple of marketers campaigns are able to achieve tremendous results in a shorter period however it doesn’t happen all the time, though Social media campaigns tend to have shorter switch time but pay-per-click campaigns mostly take about a month and a half to exhibit results. On the other handSEO (Search-Engine optimization) even tend to have longest of all of them. Most of the times they need 4-6 weeks to get off the ground and sometimes they even take as many as six months to a year to meet consequential goals. So think of online marketing as a long race, not a scurry.

9) Not performing the merger of offline and online marketing strategies

Digital marketing should always be backed by the traditional methods of marketing as plenty of people still run by billboards and the act of information they see. The only characteristic is that the print advertising consists digital marketing material. Social hints are still present in the bottom corner of the magazine ads and on the subway signs. A few print campaigns are even absolutely digital in focus, featuring a hash tagged word or a “twitter” handle. Thus combination of traditional and modern marketing strategies makes a multi-level campaign which is possibly not only reach customers but associates with them on a broad level.

10) Expecting a blog to comfortably achieve awareness and traffic

It’s a universal truth that blogs can and should generate heavy web traffic as well as awareness about the brand however it doesn’t happen instantly; it takes more than a couple of filler texts, a template and a shower of pixie dust. For instance; for an effective blog, your blog should address who your target audience is and who you are, they should adequately advertise these things in an effective way.

Firstly we will discuss what your business is all about? What’s the value your offer? What makes you special or distinguish to others? The value of any business doesn’t lie what you offer it lies what you can offer to others or society. A craftsman sells hand-curved bookmarks but what he really sells is the pleasure of the page- the satisfaction of discovery and reading.

Secondly who do you want to reach? Do you have any idea about your ideal buyer or have you created any picture in your mind? (Marketers call this “developing buyer personas”) Do you have idea about your buyer’s wants and needs? Are you building relevant, interesting and useful content for them, dealing with their issues rather than just blabbering about yourself.It’s really essential to keep in mind that blogging is not just one and done task or exercise; it’s an ongoing commitment, so take your time to let it take root and grow.

Finally the most important factor which is how you are getting your message across? It is vital to keep in mind that weather your blog is full of useful information or just the chunks of clumsy text, snappy images, audio and video to tell your story with personality, utility and empathy? Do you see your blog as just a task or you see it as a rich opportunity to associate with customers in an extraordinary and exciting ways?

Therefore, it’s not easy to stay constantly on top of everything, you’re even allowed to make a few mistakes along the way, and youjust need to ensure your brand’s victory with digital marketing. However, knowing which primaryerrors to be careful for can save your brand’s time, stress and money, and can support making your operations more profitable in the long run.

If you follow a well-planned marketing strategy, you can stay in the mind of your customers and build returning customers and lifetime value for your brand. While devising a digital marketing strategy for your brand, make sure you don’t make these mistakes.
If you do not want to risk your investment, you can rely on 8+ years of experience of MakkPress’ skilled digital marketing experts who know exactly what it takes to take you to the top.

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